I remember some sort of activity from high school humanities class in which we were asked to read a bunch of statements and basically decide if we agreed more with side A or side B. It was very obvious that one side corresponded with Democrats and the other with Republicans. There were two of us, in a class of maybe 40, who chose the Democrat side. Granted, they asked us to hold them up for others to see, so it is very likely at least a few closet Dems were amongst us. And those closet Dems were smart not to show their cards; for months after this activity I was maliciously bullied by an anonymous student over AIM (yes I’m that old, no I will not tell you my screen name). I even got prank calls - kids shouting ‘baby killer’ over the phone. Over the years I’ve grown a lot, reflected, and really tried to work through a lot of negative memories I have about going to high school in Utah.

When I see things like this: Donald Trump is the most popular Republican Candidate , however, all of those memories come flooding back.

Say what you will about the Democrats (hell, I do) - but if you are a self proclaimed Republican, and you aren’t furiously looking at the people around you screaming “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE? WHO IS DRIVING THIS BUS?” - I don’t know what to tell you. The kinds of people who would vote for Donald Trump are the same kinds of people who would harass a 15 year old to the point of tears over a classroom activity.



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